Famous Weight Loss Online Dietitians & Nutritionist in Visakhapatnam

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A Nutritionist is a person who advises on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health. Different professional terms are used in different countries, employment settings and contexts — some examples include: nutrition scientist, Public Health nutritionist, dietitian-nutritionist, clinical nutritionist, and Sports Nutritionist.


1.Dt. Lakshmi Tejasvi ( https://vibgyornutri.zest.md/ )





Dietitian Lakshmi Tejasvi based out of Pandurangapuram, Visakhapatnam . She is highly educated and best dietitian & Nutritionist in Visakhapatnam . She can guide you on how to lose weight, how to increase weight and how to manage diabetes through diet charts. She is working as freelance Nutrition consultant. Having being interested in healthy eating and food has driven me to chose Nutrition as a career . She is also running her own Diet Clinic in Visakhapatnam by the name of  ” VIBGYOR NUTRI By Dietitian Lakshmi Tejasvi “. 



In this fast-paced, high-stress society, where everything going online, why not the diet? If you can’t visit a Dietician, Consult them online for customised weight loss diet plans . We have given their website links so diet is just a click away.

Only a Dietitian helps you attain optimal health by personalised diet plans and motivating diet counselling sessions. Looking after your health today gives you a better health for tommorow !

Looking for online weight loss diet or a weight loss Dietitians in Visakhapatnam ? Interested in excellent weight loss service online or in Visakhapatnam ? Then contact any of these for weight loss diets, weight gain diets and other diets will be provided.

NO Fad / Crash Diets, NO Starvations, No Gadgets and No Unsubstanciated claims! A healthy diets aims at overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment,  with long term results and benefits.

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